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Lancman School

Online Diary and educational system for offline schools.
As well as an online learning system, monitoring homework and school assignments, attendance and grades

About the Project
Many parents are in search of quality education for their children. At the same time, the modern world requires mobility, opportunities to study from anywhere in the world and according to one’s own schedule, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of each child.

The school must meet all modern requirements and at the same time combine seemingly opposite qualities. It must follow the paradigms of public education and issue state certificates, but at the same time maintain an individual approach and develop the unique capabilities of each child.
System Features
The diary allows students to go through lessons and complete homework directly in the system. Parents monitor the quality of education and student grades.
Teachers can conduct lessons, check work and assign assignments directly in the system.
And school methodologists monitor the quality of the material presented and the statistics of students completing the program.
A universal educational tool for any purpose.
Main Page
A convenient management page that allows you to see the current day and all its details for each role.
Teachers see their completed lessons, a set of downloaded educational tasks and upcoming classes
Students see upcoming lessons and deadlines for submitting the homework assignment
Methodologists see all the data on the school, lessons and curriculum.
The schedule displays the current set of lessons and is customizable for each role and days (current/week)
Lesson details
A full-fledged system for conducting lessons, adding materials, taking attendance and grades, as well as issuing homework and checking them.
Convenient reporting system that clearly shows the state of affairs and attendance
Completed works
Comprehensive database
Internal CRM system for creating and monitoring Classes, training programs, methods and schedules.
Grading and verification system
Convenient access to the diary from mobile devices and desktop computers
Control of programs and training
Work navigation
Education portal
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