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Russian portal educational with the functionality of a marketplace, tutoring services and private educational courses

About the project
The education systems of different countries and even regions of the same country can differ significantly from each other, and communications between educational systems, institutions, etc. are complicated by bureaucratic procedures.

Often the presence or absence of a diploma or certificate does not reflect the real skills and knowledge of a person. Additional knowledge and skills gained from classes with private teachers, online learning on various platforms are not taken into account.
The inability to pay for the purchase of ratings, reviews and privileges for users of the same category. This ensures the reliability and independence of information.
System feature
A well-established system of registration of private specialists, teachers, and educational programs
Job posting and employee search system
Vacancies and employees
Service quality control and feedback collection system
Rating system for evaluating courses and private teachers
Completed works
API for integration with partners
Own CRM-system of a full-lead processing cycle with an extended system of statistics of the entire business process
The system for calculating and accruing payment to employees based on the results of processing leads
System of advertising integration and acceptance of applications for banner advertising placement
Sales funnel analytics
Work navigation
ERP System
All work
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