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Internal ERP system for the contractor company Gazprom. The system allows you to track orders, equipment, logistics, warehouses, remaining equipment in warehouses, tracking deliveries and deadlines for fulfilling contracts.

About project
Every large enterprise is faced with the need to systematize its data and connect documentation, reporting, accounting and direct operating systems into one interconnected network. At such moments, companies choose for themselves CRM or ERP systems out of the box, or write their own, because they cannot find a system that is convenient for them.

In this case, the company needed to create a unique system that would include control of warehouses and equipment balances combined with a warehouse replenishment ordering system, tracking the logistics of deliveries to the warehouse and directly to customers. All this had to be accompanied by the formation of all the required documents for reporting and accounting documents, a system for selecting and conducting tenders among suppliers, and a full cycle of interaction between employees and inventory and equipment.
Convenient system of interaction with locations and warehouses, both local and directly on the customer’s premises
MR Statuses
System for monitoring the status of orders and deliveries
Detailing by goods and materials
A system with a detailed description of inventory and equipment, including compatibility and compliance
System Log
A complete logging system for actions that allows you to track changes in any part of the system and store changed data for later recovery.
Completed works
Integration with Accounting 1C
Own CRM system for a full cycle of work with Equipment and materials + Logistics tracking system
System for monitoring the status of orders and delivery times
System for monitoring local warehouses and inventory balances with the ability to generate MR for purchases by employees
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